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MBRC - Council Division Maps
Overall Council Division maps and individual Division Boundary maps.

MBRC - Mayor & Councillors
Know all your Councillors and their contacts. Brian Battersby is our Councillor (Div 10).

MBRC - Events Diary - Whats On In Moreton

MBRC - Modern Club Management
Moreton Bay Regional Council has retained the valuable resource kit established by PRSC in conjunction with Roofayal Sports Consultancy, have developed a MODERN CLUB MANAGEMENT TOOLBOX. The information on line at this link is current and vital advice for the successful management of community organisations.

MBRC - Graffiti Complaint Form
Please note Moreton Bay Regional Council maintains a very prompt response to grafitti attacks on Council public spaces and equipment. The best deterent to grafitti is to remove it immediately. Those who conduct this anti-social behavior seek to "brand" their territory on any available surface that to their peers. Immediate denial of peer recognition these vandals seek is the most effective form of defense.

MBRC - Powerful Owls - Sighting Form
Information about this bird frequenting MBRC. You may not know about this nocturnal bird but on moonlight nights you may spot them sitting on your clothes line on in a tree.
Bunya residents can assist our community and MBRC by by providing any information if you have seen or heard any Powerful Owls within our area. (Sightings have recently occurred).
Please use the form at this link.

Geoff Wilson - State Member For Ferny Grove
Lots of helpful information about local issues. Various ways you can obtain information or contact Geoff.

Ferny Grove - State Electoral Boundaries
This map shows the current electoral boundaries of the Everton electorate. Click on the "Map" button to see a more detailed electorate map.

Everton - State Electoral Boundaries
This map shows the current electoral boundaries of the Everton electorate. Click on the "Map" button to see a more detailed electorate map.

Peter Dutton - Federal Member for Dixon
Lots of helpful contacts with local organisations and government support services.

Dixon - Federal Electoral Boundaries

Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation
"Route 20", "Western Bypass", there has been a raft of proposed roads across NW Brisbane. It would appear that the Queensland and Federal Governments are now getting serious.
We all need to watch these developments.

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