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The following information has been supplied by Lionel Blumel (Left to right:- Lionel Blumel, Gregory Blumel, Ross Blumel, Beth Vermeulen (Blumel), and Edna Blumel in the chair)


Request to name a Reserve after my late father Norman James Blumel.

My family, Norman & Edna along with my brother Gregory moved onto the farmhouse property in 1958. 

In February 1962 my father built the dam to provide water and have an improved dairy farm. It meant the cattle had water all year round as the local creeks wouldn’t always have water in them until the rain season.

My father and mother lived and worked on the dairy farm. They raised a family of three boys and one daughter on the property for fifty-eight years.  In this time they both made a contribution to the local area committee working at the local school. They also built a tennis court at the local school that served a number of local families in the Bunya area.

The property was a functioning dairy farm for nine years. Six of those years without any electricity, all of the cows then has to be milked by hand and processed into cans and then were ready for collection to market. As children growing up on the farm our father was a great teacher. We went to school during the day. We would then come home to milk and feed the cows, then do our homework by lamplight. This went on to many years until my father saved enough money to buy a petrol generator, which ran the lights and the milking machines.
My father worked the land on the property to grow crops from improved pastures for cattle feed which helped in the dry times.

In between milking times for the dairy my father and mother went to the local school (Bunya State School) for meetings and fundraising events for the P&C. These meetings and fundraising events made the school a place for all to enjoy. The Bunya School closed in 1965, due to lack of students. The school had been open just ten years short of one hundred years.

My father was not a man of many words but always got his rewards from seeing people work together in getting the job done and the satisfaction of knowing that together we have all done a great job. From 1982 to 1992 my father worked at the Ferny Grove High School as the Janitor, also in charge of the cleaners and doing odd jobs along with the school banking.

My father and mother (Edna) were married for sixty-four years before he passed away on the 15th September 2013. The family feels that to name a parcel of land after our father, a property on which he worked so hard to improve the area around the Lake would be very fitting and appropriate.

My family would like to name the reserve “Norman J Blumel Reserve”

Developers purchased the property in 1999 turning it into Bunya Lake Estate at Farm Road, Bunya.


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